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Stage Design, Decor & Art Installations, Light Design & LED Shows, LED Activated Crystal Grids & Custom Built Light-Boxes.

Stage Design & Decor Installations

* Stage Design, Canopy, Decor and Art Installations *

The success of any event also relies on its decor. We offer inspiring designs and expert tips on various types of projects such as art installations, performances, music festivals, concerts, launch parties or similar events. Check the image gallery for more pictures of our work!

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Light Design & LED Installations

* Full Bright Colors, Large Spectrum *

A magic adventure of bringing any decor to it’s full potential. The LEDs we use are controllable and can be programmed differently according to style of music, needs, etc. We can make them react to sound frequencies in live mode. We play with all this to create a unique Live Show.

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LED Live Show

* 2 Hours of Completely Beautiful Madness *

This new concept of interactive art is designed to synchronize to the frequency of music, transforming all decoration into a living organism that breathes through the lights. The Stage and Dance Floor are activated with crystals and enlightened with LEDs in order to create a singular powerful energy. The experience becomes more pleasant for the observers eye and enhances the dancer’s journey.

Looking for decorating ideas? Our LED Activated Crystal Grids and Custom Built Light Boxes can be used for Events, Art Installations & Stage Design but also as Interior Design & Home Decor. For those who prefer organic materials and a touch of color in their studio, we produce Crystal Lamps and Light Boxes in any size. We also do Custom Built Light Boxes with Logos.

Stage Setup By Geomatrix Design

Led Activated Crystal Grid

Stage Setup By Geomatrix Design

Let us transform your event into a magic experience! We are extremely passionate about what we do and we love creating beautiful things.

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